Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I contact you by phone?

At our VIP escort agency, we represent refined elite ladies who are escorting only once or twice per month. Therefore they are not available for last-minute calls and in order to eliminate a large number of time wasters, we decided to work by e-mail only. Of course, our regular clients are able to deal with us directly by phone, but new clients need to establish the first contact by e-mail. We’re not interested in a large volume of clients and our models are not available for everyone. At our VIP escort agency, we go for quality over quantity!

We believe that every serious gentleman who is interested in meeting special ladies, models that they can’t find everywhere, will make the effort to establish the first contact by e-mail. We are looking for a long-term collaboration with our clients and we are not interested in “internet shoppers” searching for a quick (last-minute) rendez-vous.

I have sent an e-mail but I haven’t received a reply…

Maybe our e-mail was blocked by your anti-spam program, so please check your spam box first.

Another reason why you still haven’t receive a reply from us is because you have sent an e-mail with vulgar and sexually related requests. Please approach as a gentleman, because inappropriate requests will not be entertained.

If you are a new client then it is important to introduce yourself properly. We’re not interested in a large volume of clients and our models aren’t available to everyone. If by first contact you already ask to see unblurred photos of the models, then it is clear that you are not the type of client that we look for. In that case we will not reply to your e-mail. Our VIP companionship services are targeted to respectful gentlemen who respect the privacy of the models and who understand that no professional agency will send unblurred photos to unknown clients. We are aware of the fact that nowadays many agencies do anything just to get bookings, but at our VIP escort agency the privacy of our models AND our clients is our priority!

Is it possible to book a model for 1 hour at VIP your agency?

Our models are upper-class ladies busy with their career and they work only once or twice per month as escort. They prefer to offer quality companionship services to refined gentlemen who appreciate quality time with a sophisticated lady. At our VIP escort agency, most models are available for traveling OR a minimum of 2 to 4 hour-bookings in their home town.

Is my privacy guaranteed?

The privacy of our clients AND our elite escort models are a priority. We will never save your contact details or e-mails. After the initial booking, all our correspondence will be deleted. Also, all our high-class escort girls have passed a strict qualification process to ensure reliability and discretion. All models have signed a non-disclosure, agreeing to rules and regulations per our escort agency’s standards.

Why can’t I find any reviews about your models on the internet?

We strongly believe that writing reviews about interactions with models is highly disrespectful and we discourage such behavior as it is violating the privacy of the models. Furthermore, none of our models would appreciate such behavior from the clients as their privacy is put at risk! If we would find out that one of our clients is bragging online about his interactions with one of our (famous) models then we will refuse our services to this client in the future. Our VIP escort services are targeted to upper-class gentlemen with class and style who know how to treat a lady with respect and ultimate care.

Do your models offer incall-services?

We do not offer incall-services. Clients who are seeking incall-services are not the type of clients that we target. Furthermore, when our client invites one of our models for dinner, drink, travel then we require bookings in minimum 4-star accommodations!

Can I book one of your models at my home?

We don’t send models to homes, except if it’s a regular client who is having a private party at his home and would like to invite one or more models to join him.

Can I request specific sexual services before booking one of your models?

No sexual services can be requested! Prime Companions specializes in representing educated and refined elite ladies offering their time and companionship to gentlemen for dinner, conversation and travel. Anything that occurs between the two on a date is strictly a private choice! It is as private as any two adult people who go on a date and find chemistry together.

E-mails with vulgar and sexually related requests will be automatically deleted as our agency does not provide such services!

Do you accept credit cards (visa etc.)?

Unfortunately, we had several unpleasant experiences in the past with clients who made the payments with credit cards, so we decided to no longer accept visa or any credit card payments. Fee for the time and companionship of the model can be paid directly to our escort model upon her arrival. Membership payments can be made directly to our bank account. We guarantee your privacy. If you wish to receive an invoice, please let us know.

How can I see unblurred photos of the models?

If you are a regular client of our escort agency (or if you are a verified friend of one of our regular clients) then you will receive automatically unblurred photos (or selfies) of the models. If you are a new client, then you need to use our services at least 2 or 3 times before we are able to send you unblurred photos of the models.

If you are a new client and you request to see unblurred photos before making a booking, then we will request a deposit of 5.000 euros before sending unblurred photos. In case you decided not to proceed with the booking, then we will keep the deposit of 5.000 euros until you decide to make a new booking with one of the models. We will never refund the deposit if you already have received the unblurred photos.

How much time in advance do I need to make a booking?

Please note that the escort models represented at our escort agency are NOT full-time escorts. They are extremely busy with their career and therefore it is important to make a reservation at least 12 to 48 hours in advance.

Important note

Escort girls presented on this Website are independent Companions and they are not employees of They are self-employed individuals and the Client understands and accepts that can not be taken responsible for the actions of the self-employed Companions. Rates listed on this Website are fees that Companions charge solely for their time and companionship, anything else or sexual actions are either for free or is a matter of personal choices between two or more consenting adults of legal ages.

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